Monthly Minnesota Stoics Gathering


This Month's Video:


Discussion at meetup:

We started this year by discussing the Ten Stoic Spiritual Exercises from the Enchiridion:

  • Examine your impressions (discussed at February gathering)
  • Remind yourself of the impermanence of things (discussed at March gathering)
  • Use virtue - here and now
  • Pause and take a deep breath
  • Other-ize
  • Speak little and well
  • Choose your company well
  • Respond to insults with humor
  • Don't speak too much about yourself
  • Speak without judging

Once we complete the above exercises, we will discuss the Stoic Spiritual Exercises from the Meditations.

We'll also focus on the theme of this year's Stoic Week --- Stoicism and Love. Read more on the Modern Stoicism blog.