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July is The Stoic Fellowship's Month of Practice.  This is our opportunity to exercise the wisdom of the philosophy and the words of Musonius Rufus:

"Although understanding the theory behind the action enables one to speak, it is practice that enables one to act… " 

In this month especially, you are encouraged to get out there and put your studies into action.  Pick a skill you would like to develop and try it for a week or two.  Whether it is journaling, meditation, memento mori, premeditation malorum, amor fati; or practicing determining good-bad-indifferent, in your control or not, or deciding what standard or role applies, this is your time to explore these ideas and gauge their benefit. To help yourself and your local stoa, plan to attend or host a practice event.  In general, games are a wonderful model for the events of life: good luck, bad luck, things in your control and others not. The real practice is, no matter what happens, to maintain your will in a way that conforms to nature.  Virtue lives in the effort.

Schedule your event today.  Make a poster and share it with your Global Stoic Community!

STOICON-x   Coming Soon!!!  After the month of practice, we’ll be turning our focus toward Stoicon-x, our local information days, with the goal of having one more than last year and at least one event on every continent.    We need your help to reach this goal, contact us today to find out how you can help achieve this historical goal with a simple meeting in your area.



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