Volunteering Opportunities

The Stoic Fellowship consists of a 100% volunteer-driven team that holds strong to our mission of building the foundation for a modern Stoa. We aim to promote a world where one day all people, regardless of location, identity, or financial means, will have access to a living and vibrant Stoic community that contributes positively to a peaceful, healthy and sustainable world.

Current Opportunities


Community Engagement manager

The Stoic Fellowship is in need of someone to run our social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook in particular) to help get the word out about our organization and the benefits we provide to those who would like to start or join a community of Stoic philosophers.

Responsibilities would include:

  • Managing our social media accounts
  • Posting and re-posting relevant articles and updates related to The Stoic Fellowship, Stoic events, related groups/blogs, etc.
  • Responding to social-media based inquiries (messages, tweets, etc.)
  • Communicating with member groups about their current activities and posting about new member groups
  • Promote The Stoic Fellowship's mission in an effort to raise awareness and growth of our community


  • Ideally, you have managed social media accounts (either personal or for another company) in the past. If so, please direct us to any relevant accounts.
  • You're passionate about Stoicism and believe in our mission.

Seem like a good fit?

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